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21 June 2017

Plenary Session 1: The Changing Face of Globalization - How Does it Challenge the Eurasian Food Economy?

Parallel Session A1: Globalization, Regional Trade Agreements and Agriculture

Parallel Session B1: Globalized Wheat Markets

Parallel Session A2: Agricultural Trade And The Eurasian Economic Union

Parallel Session B2: Market Power in Globalized Food Chains

Parallel Session C2: Transforming Food Demand Patterns

Parallel Session A3: Success Stories of Export Promotion Strategies in Europe and Central Asia

Parallel SessionB3: Welfare Impact of Globalized Agriculture

22 June 2017

Plenary Session P2: Geopolitical Conflicts and Macroeconomic Downturns: How Can the Global Food Economy Deal With it?

Parallel Session A4: Market effects of import and export restrictions 

Parellel SessionB4: Resource Management in Chinese Agriculture

Parallel Session C4: Climatic Risks for Land Resources

Parallel SessionA5: Market Protection and Food Price Volatility

Parallel SessionB5: Efficiency-Enhancement of China’s Agriculture

Parallel Session A6: Climate Resilience of Globalized Eurasian Food Chains

Parallel SessionB6: Geopolitics and Food Security

23 June 2017

Plenary Session P3:Introductory Keynote

Plenary Session P4: Fit for the Future - Innovative and Sustainable Eurasian Food Chains

  • Ivonne Bollow
  • Linde Götz
  • Judith Kons
  • Josef Schmidhuber
  • Sayat Shortan
  • Olga Trofimtseva

Parallel SessionA7: Catalysts for Sustainable Market Relationships

Parallel SessionB7: Agricultural Investment for Sustainable Food Chains